"Prince Precious Perfect!"


Apollonia is a short, pale woman with long blonde hair, two different colored eyes, claws and an ever present cat on a leash. She dresses in a grand tiara festooned with bizarre talismans and fetishes, silky grey robes, a bone reinforced corset and tacky jewelry.


Bio: Raised in relative squalor in Bentoro by her adoptive grandmother, Apollonia’s arrival as a foundling on the doorstep of the old woman was seen as an auspicious event by many of the villagers. Her two different colored eyes and her ability to speak from an early age didn’t help matters much, leading the girl to spend most of her time in her garden where she perfected her craft with the help of her grandmother, an herbalist named Viscerna. Her relatively sedentary life changed when she discovered a foundling of her own: a stray cat she named Flappodink that would open her mind to a whole new realm of possibilities in a place she instinctively knew as the Dreamscape.
Flappodink would appear in her dreams every night from the day she adopted the haggard animal and speak to her in a voice of authority and wisdom that claimed to belong to a Power known as the Lord of Portents. This Power would grant her magic through communion with Flappodink who she quickly realized was a sort of familiar that was leading her down a path of witchcraft that seemed disturbingly natural to her. These powers would be put to the test when Apollonia went out to right a wrong perpetrated on her grandmother long ago by a vicious land baron and was subsequently attacked by gnolls while travelling to his ranch.
From there, Apollonia was sent on a whirlwind adventure that would elevate her to mythic status and bring her closer to discovering not only where she was destined to go, but where she came from as well.


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