Azerix Duskfall

A calm man who unleashes his fury and wrath in combat.


Azerix is a quiet, calm individual who tries his best to help anyway he can in combat. A sailor extraordinaire, he has seen quite a bit of the ocean in his days despite being from the cold North. You may notice his Flaming left eye and Frozen right one, even though he has it, he has no clue of the meaning behind the frozen eye. Many who travel with Azerix know of his thirst for blood when it comes to the crime organization Scarabs Claw, these people had raided and plundered his village, as well as killing his wife.


Azerix was born late at night during the winter solstice. This, they say, is why they were blessed with twins that had such strong ties to the natural world. Azerix was always a little different from the other children as he was born an albino which was a stark contrast to his dark haired kin, causing the elders in the village to call him “Moon Caller.” At a young age Azerix showed dominance in the ways of asking nature for her favor and bounty as well as physical prowess in his sparring lessons. As the years went by his grandfather, a village elder, passed on to the life thread. One of his wishes before his passing was that Azerix become an elder and guide the tribe. With that his childhood ended and became dominated by memorization of countless spell incantations, learning how to use the tribes symbolic Crescent Moon Scythe, and learning how to handle social dealings.

“Moon Caller, Harbinger of Winter.”

Azerix Duskfall

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