"He changed my outlook on life, seeing what I could do for others instead of myself"


Race: Assimar/Evlen, Celestial Bloodlines
Role: Support/CC/Utility
Class(es): Sorceress
Allegiance: Elfhium, Sorvethel


A mage of rather decent skill, lost her family to time and spent most of her life trying to solve the mystery of her bloodlines till she came across Sorvethel in her travels. He opened up her mind and views of the world to see that with her skill she could help others instead of wasting her talent and life on nothing. During her travels she found herself in love with him and sought to stay by his side as long as she could, but alas things went differently and they both ended up apart. Reincarnated with KBGM, she works to help prep for the Eldrazzi invasion and aid others instead of pursuing her goal of being by Sorvethel.


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