Kannis Fenrir

A thief of legends...to-be...


Race: Witchwolf (Skinwalker)
Role: Fill/DPS
Classes: Unchained Rogue
Occupation: Professional Thief
Allegiance: Self
Deity: none

Kannis’ Thief Code:

  1. Take that which none other can.
  2. Give up that which has no value.
  3. Fill your pockets with gold.
  4. Fill your heart with pride.
  5. Fill your mind with legends.

Kannis is a hard man to figure out, since he rarely talks about his past, save for the boasting of a fine heist or bragging of his surname.

From the tender age of 10, he’s been running around with his adoptive “family”, a group of rogues whose headquarters reside in the less visited alleyways of Bastion. After a failed job in the northern regions, he went missing, until recently.

Kannis Fenrir

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