Kathryn LaMort

Priestess of Necromancy


Role: Support
Class(es): Cleric
Occupation: Priestess of Necromancy
Allegiance: The Tomb, Illensoft
Deity: Lord Death

Additional Info:
Demeanor: Jovial


Kathryn is 18 years old and was raised in the Shrine of the Fallen by Lady Death’s handmaidens: Kathryn has always looked up to Lady Death as a motherly figure.

One fateful night, Kathryn’s older brother Josu returned from battle injured due to a rogue undead attack from the north. Kathryn and the handmaidens did all they could to treat Josu’s wounds, but he eventually fell. Kathryn wept over her brother’s corpse, and only minutes later it violently returned to life. Kathryn gently caressed Josu’s face, as if nothing was the matter, believing Josu had recovered from his injuries; when in fact he had returned as a zombie. The undead Josu thrashed wildly at the handmaidens, slaying them all, but not once did Josu attack Kathryn. When Lady Death inevitably arrived, alerted to the chaos, it was then that she saw Kathryn’s inherent power. Lady Death educated Kathryn in the art of undeath, teaching her the ways of balance.

The recent return of Lord Death has resulted in a more frequent absence of Lady Death’s presence. During a brief return, Lady Death liberated Kathryn from her duties as shrine maiden and heartily recommended exploring the world to further her studies and form bonds.

Kathryn LaMort

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