Sorvethel, King of Iron Returned

"Everyone deserves a chance, friend or foe, no one is beyond redemption"


Role: Ranged DPS
Class(es): Ranger 11/ Chevalier 2
Occupation: King of Mensoka, Prince of Elfhium
Allegiance: Mensoka, Elfhium


Once thought to have been born into a insignificant noble family and lost them during an accident on a trip to Bastion, he grew up within a nest of griffins. Once old enough to fend for himself he traveled trying to aid people where ever he could in return for the kindness the griffins showed him. He went through his mythic trial with Amara Markov and Sparx and adventured with them for some time. Eventually Avesine moved him to work with the now current group known as Regicide, where he was joined by his old friend Crookytail the Griffin. Eventually contacted by Rifter’s living armor “Guts” he learned of his true identity of being the first born and only pure elven child of Queen Miranda of Lord Rifter.

Sorvethel, King of Iron Returned

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