Cael Rucks

The hammer of the innocent


Half-human son of the Archduke Monzarch. Has a particular habit of ending up heavily injured.
Likes running miles, doing volunteer work for the community, and painting the battlefield in his adversary’s blood mist


Born and raised by his sick mother in the slums of the mountainous island province of Eckera’sh, he finished schooling and took up many trades to pay for his mothers’ treatment, never holding a job for long other than smithing. Even that didn’t work out forcing him to join the military, where he discovered an affinity for scouting and combat. Taking a few other tours of service exclusively as a scout and updating maps of the island, he stayed out of socially crowded areas and mostly read and trained.

After one of these tours, he came back to an empty house, where he was told his mother had died in his absence; though she had in fact dissappeared and been presumed dead, only to run into him years later as a half-fiend in the service of the Archduke Monzarch, carrying one of the keys of the Aeon’s Fury. After being told of her death, Cael put everything he had earned into a sack, spent a month and a half forging his hammer (which he later assisted Tony in ascending to The Harbinger), and threw himself in a massive loop of scouting for the marshals; Eckera’sh’s defensive military. Being a nothern island, it was well below freezing in the winter months, so he was drawn back to the city limits during those months; Cael snuck out basically every day to hunt, scout, and interact with the local diplomatic supernatural community. It was after 4 years of absolute minimal human contact that the cycle was finally broken when gnolls assaulted and burned Eckera’sh, most of the marshals not surviving the experience; Cael only by hairs, later apparently bleeding out from his wounds.

Cael Rucks

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