Shiro Takinashi

An intimidating Mythical Samurai/Fighter Champion


Eastern/Asian Male Aasimar

Eyes are Multicolored/Prismatic, gemlike quality, including ruby, sapphire, and emerald
Catlike eyes and ears
Unearthly Beauty
Beautifully proportioned body
Arms appear sculpted from Marble
Hands leave Contrails
Voice echoes dramatically; words he speaks aloud seem to be heard mentally
Breathing sounds like ocean waves

Androgynous: Without his armor, it’s extremely difficult to tell this character is a male or female until you’ve spoken with him.

He is Neutral Good aligned, so nothing evil or sinister looking, but still very solemn and intimidating.
Wields a Katana and a Wakizashi. Daisho.
Also equipped with a Composite Longbow
Wearing Full O-yoroi


When he was very young, his family was assassinated by a group of evil Samurai. He was left for dead, with no realistic way of defending himself, until he was found, roaming the streets, by a very big and intimidating looking, yet extremely good-natured samurai. He gathered information from his and confirmed what had happened and took his into his care, spending the next decade training his to become the ultimate warrior, surpassing even him by the time he reached adulthood.

Spending most of his time as a child growing up around another Samurai he learned to show dignity and honor in all things. He shows nothing but the utmost respect for other brave warriors.

Even in all his solemnity, being that he’s still fairly young, he isn’t afraid to have some fun in celebration of a long, hard-fought battle. He also sometimes will get lost in the heat of battle, either pushing himself too hard for his allies or focusing too heavily on his enemies.

His adoptive samurai father recently passed away, so he carries his banner and took his last name, in support of the Order of the Warrior and pushes forth, fighting in his name for honor. He continues to roam, helping those in need, paying his adoptive father’s good deeds forward, while still searching for the evil clan who killed his parents so long ago.


-Very Solemn and Intimidating. He fights with Honor and Dignity for his Order. He never backs down from a fight.
-He lets his swords do the talking when enemies won’t listen to his reasoning or falter at his attempts of intimidation.
-He can be very friendly and fun if and ONLY IF he completely and utterly trusts the person/people he’s with in every way.


-All Members of the “Evil” order
-Those who he witnesses fighting dishonorably
-Those out to harm his allies.


-Other members of his order
-Other Good-natured warriors whom he meets
-Any strong/worthy opponent who is also fighting for honor with a respectable cause

Shiro Takinashi

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