Zariel Vendolph

"Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design."


6’ 3"
160 lbs
Unusually well muscled
Pointed ears
Gemlike Amber eyes
Hair is shoulder length, normally red turns silver in moonlight
Fingerprints look like holy symbol (matches the birthmark on his cheek under his eye)
Skin as a metallic sheen
Voice echoes dramatically
Breath smells of flowers
Nearby bells ring as he walks by them

Zar has spent most of his life wandering the realms helping those in need. From helping out at farms, to healing wounded and sick, to killing sources of evil in the area. During his travels in the elven land he met Sorvethel while wandering, Sorvethel had come to him while Zar was attending to some wounded at a smaller village. Sorvethel took him to a griffon that had been wounded by an undead. Zar helped restore the griffon to full health. And spent some time with Sorvethel accompanying him for a few months while he helped the people in that region.

After spending years in his elven homeland Zar decided he wanted to help those of every race and station. He decided to go to every corner of the lands helping all of those in need. His travels to him to the exotic city of Wushanko where he met another companion who wanted to do good and found him to be an amazing friend of like heart. Shortly after Zar’s time in Wushanko he decided to travel to Bastion where he thought he could do the most good. He told Shiro of his desires and Shiro decided to accompany him on his travels in hopes of doing some real good.

Zariel Vendolph

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