"Everybody has a secret face."


Oozing with menace and ill intent, the man known as Alicar is a normal sized human in a thick black coat, supple leather armor, worn gloves and most alarmingly a mask made of skin with buttons for eyes. He scarcely makes a sound when he moves and seems to carry a sliver of shadows with him everywhere he goes.


The product of a dalliance between a sailor from Tarthage and a New Bastion streetwalker, the man known only as Alicar was given up for adoption as an infant and would spend his formative years in a bleak foster home. Even back then, Alicar could see opportunity in even the worst of circumstances and soon had a number of the other children working for him, purloining liquor from their minders and trading it to winos for odds and ends that made their lives easier. Even with the frequent beatings he’d receive, Alicar gained a smug sense of satisfaction from tricking his abusers and became increasingly confident as he began stealing things of greater value until the day he had saved up enough coppers to invest in his first set of thieve’s tools.
This well worn satchel purchased from a down on his luck burglar behind a dockside brothel would serve him well over the course of his early career as Alicar became emboldened by a series of successful heists. First sticking to the poorer side of town, the brazen young thief quickly grew tired of stealing from the same destitute people he grew up around and started turning his attention to the homes of nobility. He broke into these houses when their occupants were on holiday, first learning their habits through clever use of disguise and then gaining access via second story windows. It was during these break-ins that Alicar got his first taste of wealth as he tried on his victims’ clothes, pissed in their pots and raided their pantries before taking all the silver he could carry and absconding without a twinge of guilt.
Despite the meticulous nature of his crimes, Alicar soon gained a degree of notoriety that made him more uncomfortable than he could have imagined, causing him to leave the city limits for the first time in his life in search of lavish country estates he could burgle when the owners weren’t on vacation. Thinking that he had stumbled upon an easy mark, Alicar was taken by surprise by a gnoll raiding party while casing an unoccupied villa. First thinking that his life of crime had come to an end, Alicar would awake to the realization that it was just getting started.


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